March 17, 2010

Swimming with Swords

Fighting Bungas UnderwaterWent with my guildmate, Elahir, today to kill Bunga Elites. I've never done that before but she was kind enough to invite me along.
The fun part about it was killing underwater! We did this circle of bungas and one was on the bottom of the pond. Pretty cool, although a tad difficult to maneuver at first.
We were trying to get a Staff of Admiration to drop, which we succeeded in doing. (Yay, Treasure Hunter!) Our plan was to sell it on the AH and split the profits. Unfortunately, we didn't know the darn thing was Bind on Equip! So it can only be unbound and sold on AH using an Advanced Bind Lifter. They're very expensive and not offered for sale very often. I have a few but since Ela picked up the staff, I couldn't unbind it.
In the end, we used a purified stone to take the Purity X stat off the staff and we're selling that. At least we'll make some money and it was a neat experience for me.

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