March 15, 2010

The Origin

I was bored today and thought that I would take advantage of Spiral's rogue side and do some sneaking.
First placed I tried was Hall of Survivors. That didn't work out so well...they saw me! Guess I'm not as sneaky as I thought. Or maybe it was all that garlic I ate for lunch?  :)
But I'm not one to be easily discouraged so I collected by tombstone and tried somewhere else:
The Origin.
The OriginI had one quest in my list that said "Proceed to the Origin" but didn't have a clue where to go. I actually had to Google it to find out. Turns out, the entrance is in the far reaches of the Jade Valley which is a little corner of green tucked away in Aslan Valley.
I didn't know much about this place going in. I figured it must be high level since my quest came from an NPC in Green Tower. When I got there, I realized that it was a darn scary place! Everything in there was a 55 elite I think! Even the worms. Cuh-razy!
But the zone was so beautiful, I decided to venture in further...and further...and further. It seemed endless in there! Most instances are pretty linear and don't seem to go on that long. The Origin just kept going and going.
But it was a very magical place and I just kept sneaking my little self forward to see what else there was. The place was full of rivers and waterfalls and lots of elven buildings with their fancy decorations, huge trees everywhere, and some really cool statues. Of course, it was also full of Fierce Wind Lords and Fortifying Elementals and Extermination Trees and a Life Leecher. Sounds like a friendly bunch, eh? The kind of NPCs you want to bring home to Mom.
My palms were actually sweaty as I tip-toed my way through the beautiful maze of death-traps. There were a couple times I thought I was a goner. Once I passed a hole in the ground and a beast came up out of it and attacked me. Thank goodness for my Vanish skill!
Another time I was sneaking between two Giant Stone Elementals with maybe only a body width and a half between me and them, when one of the dudes lost his head. Like, LITERALLY, his head fell off! It was so funny! He bent over and picked it up and put it back on. Very strange.
But I made it out alive. I ended up at a bridge with a magical barrier that I couldn't pass through so I just ported out and back to ugly old Varanas. I kinda felt like I had been on vacation for a bit. A stressful, sneaky vacation, but a vacation nonetheless.

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