March 23, 2010

A Quick Jog Through Kalin's

I did Kalin’s Shrine for the first time the other day. Holy freaking CHAOS, Batman!
I’d been in there once before but died quite quickly at the first boss. So this time when a zone shout came up, I made sure to tell them that I was a Kalin’s “virgin” and that I had only 7700 HP. They said it was okay so I said, “I’m in.”
I briefly debated taking either a Phoenix’s Redemption or Big Angel’s Sigh but then decided against it. As a level 55, I can’t accrue XP debt, only TP, so I thought it might be better to save those for when the level cap comes off.
Anyway, my group of six were all level 55. The tank had I think 13,000 HP or more. There were 4 mages and 1 priest. The tank just blazed on through the place, running full tilt! I was racing to keep up and loot and keep an eye out for quests. I had zero time to look around. I actually thought to myself, “I guess I’ll have to come back for a sightseeing visit.”
Runes of Magic Kalin ShrineThe first boss killed me, as expected. They told me to stand under his butt but I guess I wasn’t close enough. I’m not sure if I should be proud of that or not? :)
There were actually a few more bosses after him and then a BIG boss at the end. They gave me some hints to survive, but nope, I still died.
But it was cool cuz as I was lying there on the floor, I got to see all the action without worrying. It was chaotic. Madness. This guy, Regin, split into like 20 of himself and set the whole damn place on fire. I was glad I was already dead.
At the end of the run, I stopped and said, “I have to take a picture for my scrapbook.” They thought I was silly but I wanted to have proof I made it through. Plus the end guy was pretty cool looking.

One more note: the guy who invited me, Frostbite, was super nice and helpful and understanding. I want to give big props to him for being such a great player.

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