March 8, 2010

I'm a Noob

My time in Taborea didn't go so great tonight. I feel like an idiot!
Here's the story. One of my guildies wanted to go to Clops and so did I. He was finishing up some stuff, so I started the group and got some really great high-levels to join. Great looking party, nicely balanced, everyone good to go.
Except that I'm a dummie. I have never been to Clops before and I got lost on the way and DIED. How embarrassing. Level 55 and dead. One of the party members actually came and got me and opened a portal for me. Wow, did I ever feel embarrassed!
Then, we get to the Clops entrance and, duh, I'm not keyed yet. I thought I was but apparently I had to go to some pink crystal and get The Mark of Uguda. So they had to wait for me some more.
But my bad luck doesn't end there. I finally get inside Clops and I bend down to loot a corpse and ... I get stuck! Freaking STUCK. Can't move, can't turn, can't jump, nothing. OMG, I was furious!
So I logged off and logged back on but of course I was not the instance anymore, that would have been too easy. I was way out at the resurrection point. So I port back to the Clops entrance, cuz at least I was smart enough to mark a transport point there, and then the stoopid door won't open.
Yes, friends, I had to abandon the quest and go back to ... wait for it ... the resurrection point to restart it.
So I just told my patient and tolerant party members to go on without me. I was so upset! I actually wanted to cry. Silly, I know. But I had been trying for so long to go to Clops and I finally got there and I messed it all up. I was mad at myself and mad at my computer and mad at the game and just plain old mad.

But I took that anger and frustration and tried to make something good out of it. I went and helped lower levels with things I knew how to do, things I do well.
I killed Wattken for two nice girls. I got a huge raid together for Giant Fruit Cactus. And I helped another guildmate with his quest line so he could be ready for Clops too.
It made me feel a little bit more like an experienced player and not some silly noob who is a drag on her guild and her party.

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