March 5, 2010

As Taborea Turns

I love getting to a new level. It's so fun to get new stuff! I have a few new 55 pieces including a blue rarity Prayer Robe with 106 dura. I've plussed it to 6 and tiered it to 4 and added stats of Defense X, Energy X, Stamina X, Acumen X, Energy X and Spirit XI plus two runes, Triumph IV and Mayhem IV. The defense of the robe is now just over 1000. Pretty cool. And it looks nice too!
Of course upgrading gear caused me to run through the little money I had left after the whole Gasha binge so now I'm selling whatever I can get my hands on.
After all that, I did some dailies and turned them in on my Rogue side, which is level 52. I tried to defeat some of those Naga elites but got my butt kicked. I was a teensy bit closer to killing them than I was at level 54 though! There is hope. 
Went to the Spirit of  Tempest Heights event outside of Obsidian Stronghold and had some fun. I actually solo'd a beetle!  Woot!!  It was a tough fight though and I used a lot of pots. Wasn't really worth it if I just looked at the loot. The chests just gave me mats. But I feel all strong and 55-like cuz I killed one. :)
I think I'll have to jump on Sister Agatha and get her to whip up some of her special Deluxe Seafood for Spiral. Yummy! Nothing like fresh lobster drenched in butter to make you feel like a million bucks. (Oh and increase your magic power by 20% too.)
Yikes, just joined a raid on the Binpikes. Never done them before and probably going to die again but I'm going for it! Wish me luck. 

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