Guild Siege Guide

To Register the Guild for Siege: The guild leader must press G, press Battles, press Register. Registration is done between 1am EST and 9pm EST the day of siege.
To Enter Siege: at 11pm EST, press G, press Battles, press Enter Battle. You will (hopefully) be transported to your guild castle on the siege server. You will have a red or blue flag attached to your back which designates your team color.
Siege Screen: If you look at the top right, near your mini-map, you can see the score. It also shows how many crystals your team has collected and how many merits you have collected. In this picture, team Blue has 4000 points, Team Red has 6000 points. Our team has collected 180 crystals, and I have collected 55 merits.
(Look further down this page to find out what crystals and merits are for and how to get them.)
NEW --> Shift-Right-Click the big button and the score will expand like this.

The sword symbol represents how many of each side are in siege (1/1 in this shot). It also shows your Merits in the middle box (30) and your crystals in the right box (1280). Score is shown by the red/blue bar.

Battlefield Statistics: If you press the Battlefield button (crossed swords in a circle on your mini-map), it will bring up a screen like this one.
The tabs at the bottom left will switch between the stats of our team or the enemy. This is how you can check to see how many of the enemy are in the siege.

Siege Map: Press M bring up the map screen.
Our team is shown by green dots (none on this map). The enemy does not show up on the map but a crossed swords icon will show up where our players are fighting.
The crystal towers are colored according to which team owns them. You can see at the beginning of the siege, there are 3 owned by each team. Points are awarded when a team captures an enemy's crystal tower.

How to Win: Get more points by the end of the hour OR capture the enemy's Castle Stone and hold it for 5 minutes OR capture all the enemies towers and their Castle Stone.

Crystals & Crystal Towers: Capturing the enemy's crystals towers gives us points!
WARNING: The enemy's crystals towers are guarded by NPC elites. Do not approach an enemy tower unless you are confident you can take down 3 very big dudes.  :)
Crystals are generated automatically by our crystal towers. You can also collect crystals by clicking on one of our crystal towers located outside the guild castle. Any crystal tower that is the same color as your flag can be used to collect crystals. Crystal collection should continue automatically when you click, however sometimes it can get interrupted so keep an eye on your character. Crystals are put into a guild pool that anyone can use to purchase siege war items.
Also while collecting crystals at towers, you will receive between 1 and 3 Guild Merits.
-->low level players should collect crystals if they cannot kill balloons or enemies. Use the crystals & merits to buy war machines or Faces of Treachery, or to build catapults for defense.

Killing Enemies or Floating Balloons: This will give you Guild Merits that can be used to purchase siege war items. Merits are put into your backpack and are only usable by you. However, you can trade them to another player.

Buying War Items and Upgrades
Catapults: On the top of each corner of our castle wall are hammers that indicates a catapult can be built there. To build a catapult requires 150 crystals and 50 merits. Click on the hammer to build. Once the catapult is built, click on it to enter. You will be sitting in the catapult. Hold down your left mouse button and turn to orient your view towards the front of the catapult. Hold down your right mouse button and move the mouse to orient your target. Press 1 to fire.

Drill Grounds: Will of Honor and Battle Tactics Knowledge, personal buffs that increase personal merit gain, each costs 50 crystals plus 50 merits (Anomalies does not have this building yet)
Stable Yard: can buy a mount speed buff for gold, can buy Armor Technology for 50 crystals/50 merits which increases siege engine speed (Anomalies does not have this building yet)

Farm: used to buy battle supplies (Anomalies does not have this building yet)

Farm Store Level 1

Honor Ration -- Restores Hit Points, 440. Restores Hit Points every 2 seconds for 30 seconds, 55. Cooldown 25.

Magic Vegetable Juice -- Resores Mana, 440. Restores Mana every 2 second for 30 seconds, 55. Cooldown 25.

Farm Store Level 2
Assault Time -- After use, the movement speed of team members within a range of 60 will be increased by 25% for 300 seconds.

Battle Time -- After use, the attack and spell casting speed of team members within a range of 60 will be increased by 30% for 300 seconds.

Upgrading Flame Towers and Electric Towers
When you buy a Magic Flame Tower from the Processing Factory, right click on it to activate the placing target and then move the target to where you want it to be placed. If you right click the tower itself, this screen comes up, showing you the upgrades you can buy.

Crystal Tower Flags: Mouse over a flag by a crystal tower and a backpack icon should pop up. Click on it and it opens up a menu of items to buy.

Faces of Treachery are the most common and useful item to purchase here. To place a Face of Treachery, stand in the location you want it to be and then right click on it in your backpack. FoT will cause anyone near them to fall down and "flop" on the ground. Very useful!
Sea Washed Stone casts Silence to enemies nearby.
Eye of True Knowledge shows hidden enemies.
Bursting Beetle, target and enemy and click on the Beetle to place it on the enemy. Warning! Whent he Beetle explodes after a few seconds, it will damage all players in range. So run away!
Insecnt Repellent Flower is so that no one can put Beetles on you.

The prize you receive at the end of the siege is dependent upon whether your guild wins, ties or loses, and upon your role in the siege.
When the final screen comes up, press the War Rewards tab at the bottom right to see what everyone got as prizes. It also shows which division you were placed in according to your performance.

The first symbol under Reward is Badges of the Trial. Collect these and give to the housekeeper in the guild castle to receive titles that provide bonus stats to your character.
The second symbol is Honor Points. Collect these and trade for equipment with vendors in Obsidian Stronghold near the arena in Mercenary Square.
The third symbol is your loot reward. Remember to donate the guild runes, guild rubies, guild stones and guild materials to Anomalies by pressing G, choosing Resources, selecting the second tab Guild Contributions, placing the items in a square and pressing Confirm. Thank you!
More information can be found on The RoM Wiki.