March 12, 2010

Masked Ball Event and More

Spiral and the Masked Ball Organizers
Wow, another new event started yesterday! What an exciting week.
In Varanas Central I found that the Valentine’s decorations had been changed to ones of spring. How refreshing! I can almost smell the dog poo thawing on the lawn…winter is almost over!
So it is time for the Masked Ball in Taborea.
The first task I completed was to deliver Masked Ball invitations to five different NPCs around Silverspring and Howling Mountains. Pretty simple task and I got two potions to transform me into a Baroque Noble Lady. Ooh-la-la!
Next I did the second task, collecting 5 Dazzling Pink Clovers and 3 Breaths of the Spring Goddess. I already had picked up the three Breaths when I did my dailies, so I simply had to go to Helen’s Farm in Howling Mountains and pick my clovers. For my troubles, I received some treats that restore 20% of my HP. Not bad. I'm sure there are more things that I could possibly get with this quest. It's probably random.

While I was doing that, all the event folks came online and started an anniversary event called Offering for the Goblin King. The GM did a zone shout and gave us the following list of things to collect: one grape, one simple first aid potion, one small empty bottle, one rusted axe and one zinc ore. We also had to have a Kentucky chicken pet following us.
Wow, did I ever run! (Well, I suppose Spazzy ran and I rode but you know what I mean.) I was under the impression that there would only be one winner. My heart was racing when I arrived back at Varanas Central with my loot. There were tons of people standing around the event GMs.
Oh no! Had I lost again??
It actually took me three tries to give them my stuff cuz I was rushing so much, not knowing if there would be only one winner.
But all was well. They were giving out multiple prizes to everyone who found the right stuff. After I gave my loot, they asked if I would sacrifice my chicken. I said, “Sure thing.” (Odd request, I thought) They killed my chicken, sniff sniff, and told me to step up on the fountain. I did that and then they told me to STAND STILL. Whoops. I guess I was excited and moving around too much and they couldn’t target me.  :)
I got a Cat Mask and a Cat Tail as my prize. Pretty nice! I actually already had a cat tail from the Halloween event but I didn't have the mask, so that's cool. And I feel proud that I won something!

Later on, one of my guildmates did the Lucky Portal game in Pioneers Colony. He said that it was just pick a portal and if you get the right one, you win a price. Pretty random really. I think his words were, "Anti-climactic." I think he also said that his portal took him into NoM. That would pretty scary for a lowbie!
I also saw on the zone chat that someone got ported to a volcano somewhere and the GM told them they would have to go back through the portal or they would be stuck there. Perhaps a riskier game than I first thought!

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