March 29, 2010

The HP Dilemma

So I’m finding out that a lot of the “end game” stuff is way too hard for a regular level 55. Everyone I meet is geared to the nines and I feel a little out of place. I have less than 10,000 HP, which seems to be the magic number that everyone looks for when partying up.
The thing is this: I’m a mage. Not a knight or a warrior. A MAGE. I’m not supposed to have high hit points. I’m supposed to have high mana and high MA (magic attack). Mages are supposed to stand at the back and toss fireballs while the tanks, err, tank. Doesn’t that make sense?
But that’s not how it works out in RoM apparently. Every class is expected to have more than 10k HP. I suppose that makes sense in a way because some of the big elite bosses can one-hit you with an AOE but I think people should consider more than just HP when grouping up.

For example, what if you’re a rogue and you have a DEX of like a million? You’re going to dodge every feeble hit good ol’ Worr tries to make! (See video link below)
Or if you’re a mage and you have, say, a bazillion physical defense. Wouldn’t that mean that you could stand there and take hits like Rocky? Or even just root him with a killer-maxed-out lightning bolt and then pick him off before he ever touches you? (That’s what I’m doing now in AV.)

Besides, it all goes back to what I said before about everyone’s role within a party. Tanks go up with their ginormous biceps and glittering plate armor and take the punches like manly men. Rogues flit around like dark shadows, stabby stabby stabby. Scouts stand waaaaaaay back and puncture eyeballs with arrows. Priests, druids and mages huddle together far from the nasty blood and guts and do their magicky thing. It all works out. A perfectly balanced party.
Nevertheless, I am still aiming for 10k HP to fit in with the expectation of end game players. I will probably not go higher than that. I want to leave room on my equip for more Int and MA stats and less Stam so that I will be an effective mage and do my job as The Cowardly Barbecuer of Mobs.

For fun, check out this video of a R/K soloing Worr . Pretty cool.

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