March 10, 2010

I Was Rolled on by a GM

Today was a fun day! I was puttering about in Aotulia Volcano, doing some dailies to get double XP and level my rogue side, when up on the screen comes: "The event team is now online!"
So I transport immediately to the bridge of Varanas, since that is usually where all events start. There were a bunch of folks hanging around but no GMs, no event person, nothing.
I waited.
A few minutes later a GM spoke out, her voice booming across the lands (hee hee) and said something like, "Give food and shelter to a poor GM. We're scattered around Howling Mountains and Silverspring. Find us!"
Well, chaos ensued, as they say. People started galloping all over the place. Mammoths and dragons and war horses and war tigers and ostriches trampled all over each other. My little reindeer and I took off as well, racing everywhere trying to find the GMs. I went in houses, underwater, looked up big hills and on top of buildings, checked inside FA and inside Twilight Mine...nothing.
Well, I guess I didn't go exactly everywhere because after about 15 minutes of fruitless searching, a message came up that there were four winners and the event was over. Bummer.
I was kinda glum cuz I really hate to lose but when I went back to Varanas to port somewhere else to continue on with my boring day, I found an exciting sight...GMs all over the bridge! Four of them!
I hung out there and watched the fun. The GMs were at first about 50% bigger than us regular toons. Then I guess they felt that wasn't impressive enough cuz one of them grew up to be a huge giant. One of the other ones didn't want to be outdone, so she shrank to itty bitty-ness. Well, then they started shrinking all the gaping people around them. It was pretty cool.
One GM, it might have been Curtis, grew huge and then ROFL'd on us!  Too funny!
As I was standing there, I received three "Little Cookies" from one of the GMs. Don't know what they do. They don't have a description on them really. But thinking about it, maybe that's what shrunk the regular people: they ate the cookie.
I took a ton of screenshots of the GMs but this one is my favorite because it shows everything. You can the big elf GM, the pretty GM with wings, the shrunken toons and also GMs Brad and Curtis PvP-ing with some crazy guys who wanted to duel just for kicks.
I suppose I don't have to say they lost.
RoM GMs at Anniversary Event

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