September 30, 2010

Many Things

Came online and accomplished a few neat new things in just a couple hours.

Participated in an interesting debate about the Dalanis events. All six of the events were working after the server reset last night. So a raid was formed to do them all, and when I got online there were 30 people in the queue. So someone started a new raid, even though a lot of people said it would break the events. Yes, the events did break....but how can that be blamed on a 2nd raid? I suggested that there should be one raid on each channel and no channel switching but that's was a no-go. Greed took over.

Infernal Nightmare Mount

After that, I killed the Hippo King with some new guildies. Was so excited about the fight, I forgot to take a screenshot! First time we tried, he spawned some crows and stuff and we all wiped. We tried again, did some weird pull thing until he turned "small" and then it was just basic tank-n-spank. He dropped 3 purples (nothing for me) and 190 guild runes. Pretty cool.

Finished the Sascillia Minigame and won some cool stuff. Got a 30-day Infernal Nightmare Mount. Also got a level 50 purple cloth recipe. Not quite at level 50 tailoring yet, level 45 I think, but getting there. Crafting is mind numbing but I think might be worth it if I can get to 50 and above.

Upgraded my gloves with some nice new yellow stats. Add that to my new staff, Root of Nightmares, and I'm getting pretty bad ass. I'm in the top 100 now for MAtt so that's cool.

Found this great new website, the Rom Database, thanks to a guildie. I'm using it now to research all sorts of stuff. Also installed the Playata client to help build the database. Kinda like the old thingamajig that went kapoof.

So lots of stuff done today already and many more hours of playtime ahead of me. See you in Taborea, friends! :)

September 28, 2010

Another Milestone for KOG

Ok, so not the most flattering picture of me as I am lying dead on the floor with my corpse-buddy, Fert, but the point of this pic is that we are killing the first boss in Warnorken Arena (WA) on normal!
I went away for a week and came back to a guild of ubers. :)

Also a bit confused about the statement on the screen. Didn't notice that until I looked at the screenshot. What woman? I'm the only woman in the party...beware of me??  Hee hee!

September 17, 2010

Going on Vacation

Sunset from our deck
I'm leaving in the morning to go on vacation for a week to the greatest place on Earth: my family's log cabin in the remote wilds of Northern Ontario.

I couldn't resist posting a picture so that you all can be envious of me. However, I'm sure that with no electricity, no running water, and no Internet (sob!), some of you are not all that jealous. But truly, it is absolute heaven there. So beautiful, so inspiring and such a boost to this Canadian girl's spirit.

I do expect to experience some slight twitchiness around 11pm when I know that my brave guildies are fighting in siege. Sorry to leave you guys but real life adventures are calling me! See you in a week.  :)

September 16, 2010

New Loading Screens

I know there's more to the last patch than just pretty pictures, but DAMN the new loading screens are nice! I take pleasure in the little good things, and try to not worry too much about all the big problems that plague this game. Still love RoM. It's my demented addiction.

September 14, 2010

Look At Me! I'm A Manticore!

Medi and I were doing some quests tonight in AV, which is rare, cuz it's not often that we are on the same quest line. But as it turned out, we ended up on divergent paths anyway.
See, we each took the quest,Taming Techniques, and it asked us how we would like to train the manticores. I chose the first option, peacefulness, and Medi chose "domination", as he called it.  :)
The quest gave each of us a different task to complete. I didn't think that was possible in this game. I thought that it didn't really matter what conversation option you took: it always led back to the same thing. But apparently not!
So I got transformed into a manticore and roamed the area to learn about their habits. Meanwhile, Medi was slaughtering my newfound friends!
Eventually the quest lines merged again and we were back doing the same things, but it was neat to discover that there were such options in the game. I wonder how many other quests I could have done differently?

September 13, 2010

IDK 50

Went for a very successful first-time run through IDK 50 last night. We were a bit apprehensive going in, since all of us have had floor-hugging adventures in there previously, but we proceeded with caution and really didn't have that much trouble.

It helps that the group of us are getting to be pretty well-geared thanks to endless farming of Mad Man in DoD. I don't know if you can see it in the pic, but Medi has 48920 HP before he even puts on the Black Codex pots, although I think he has Grassland Mix on. When we fought Pangkor, the 4th boss, Medi commented, "That fight wasn't worth the pots!" It's nice to be uber.

The other thing that's really cool about running with guildies is we all get those great relationship buffs. It's fun to see those colourful icons pop up. And Maj and I finally reached level 2 for Master/Disciple. I guess I haven't been much of a good student if it took us this long!

September 11, 2010

HEKA, My Lover!

I have a confession to make: I have a lover!
My lover is the shortest, jumpiest, uber-est priest I have ever known. His heals make my heart go pitty-patty. I blush whenever he buffs me, especially when we're in a group. When I see him wearing that adorable purple robe, I get all weak in the knees. And don't even ask me about the picture of him on his car...oh my!
So Heka, you sexy thing, this post is for you. Thank you for being so helpful, funny and all-around awesome. I am honoured to be your lover, your guildie and your friend!
CANADIANS RULE. (but politely)

September 8, 2010

The Biggest Ding

OH yeah, baby! Hit 60/60 this morning. Smiling like a dummie right now.  :)

September 7, 2010

The Residents of Angren

In Northen Janost Forest lies the rustic town of Angren, home to some ferocious yet intriguing cat people. Spiral got permission from the Angren elders to enter the village and was suprised and confused by what she found there.

First of all was this delightful young fellow. Waggling his little ears, the sweet little cub asked Spiral to make a bouquet of flowers to cheer his mother up. When the flowers were delivered however, momma-cat despaired that little Glick would never grow up to be a bloodthirsty killer like her, but rather would open a quaint flower shop down in Rh'anka village and live out his days sighing over lavender and tulips. Shame on you, momma-cat. Let Glick be whomever he wants to be!

The next interesting character Spiral stumbled across was this fine feline, Kimberly. My, my, my. Such feminine features! Such a delicate jaw! And such soft body hair covering the fragile form of this lovely lady.
All I can say, Kim, is good luck in the Women's Bodybuilding Championships and I know a guy who knows a guy who can get you some clean urine.

To round out a fascinating trip into kitty-land, Spiral happened to speak to a cat named Entorja who worships a very odd deity. I'm all for religious freedom so no jokes here. I sincerely hope that Sys104165_name showers his glorious blessings upon us all!

September 6, 2010

The Un-Hippo King

For a while now I've been hearing rumours about "The Hippo King" in Thunderhoof Hills. All I knew was that he was a crown boss that spawned near Listana Falls, south of Dalanis, and that he was uber and heavily farmed. A while back I got the coordindates of his supposed spawn point from a guildie and Medi and I would pop by there every now and then to see if he was there. No such luck...until tonight.

We were sitting in the Dalanis mentos raid when Darktower asked if anyone wanted to kill the Hippo King real quick before the next event. Of course, Medi and I raised our hands and jumped up and down, shouting, "Ooh, pick me, pick me!"
We took off to the spawn point and found ourselves staring around in confusion for a second. No hippo in sight. Then we realized that we had both made the same mistake. When they said the HIPPO king we thought they were referring to a real life hippo, which in-game is called a Pango. But the reality was that the boss is king of the Hippogriffs, a horse-eagle thingy! We both kinda went, DUH.
And then after all that, we never did kill that damn thing cuz it was too close to the event start. Oh well, next time.

It's 7am and I've been playing all night. Double XP weekend is wicked fun! Night night. :)

September 3, 2010

Scary Cute

Spiral is now dressed up in a completely impractical outfit...that actually is modded like butter! Puts me above 15k HP and 11804 Mattk.

My guildmate, Varthos/Majyst, said, "The outfit makes you look cute, the 2 hammers make you look scary." I'll take that as a compliment!  :)

Got the Crumbling Arena Robe the other day and the Labyrinth Oath Leggings today. Both are pieces that you buy with mentos (momentos). They're also modded with yellow stats that are bought with mentos so that's double the hours of boredom in the Dalanis event raid. But I think they are well worth it. 
So now I am further along my path to uberness. Ubernacity? Uberishness? Being awesome.  lol

September 2, 2010


A strange thing happened last night on the game. It caused quite a stir in our guild and led to some interesting discussions, including quite a passionate rant by myself. (Hold on to your seats, dear readers!)

We were all just doing our own thing, when across our screen comes the announcement that a "guild challenge" with Aftershock will commence in 5 minutes. Right away, I wrote in chat,  "WTF!"
This very same thing had happened to us when we were in Medieval. Some random guild had declared war on us. I don't think I ever did find out if there was a reason for it. All I know is that I got killed over and over and over for the entire half hour of the war.
Immediately Medi started asking in chat if anyone in Aftershock could contact him about this "challenge". Bealz in TS and I in guild chat started explaining what would happen when the war started. Basically our entire guild would have their PvP status turned on and could be killed at any time, in any place, by a member of Aftershock.
What happened the last time with Medieval is that a few ubers from the opposing guild ran around and killed everyone, while a few others camped out all the respawn points and repeatedly killed any toons resurrecting. Not unexpectedly, Aftershock attempted to do the very same thing.

I avoided being killed for a short while as I ran towards Dalanis for a raid event. I even managed to kill one of theirs that attacked me first. (Self defense entirely.) But then I was killed and decided to quickly use my recall skill to get to Dalanis without having to run through any populated areas.
Several of our guildies were doing a quest in AV and were ambushed by a gang of Aftershock members. Heka and Shadowex fought back with gleeful viciousness. It was good to hear that someone thought it was fun! A few others simply avoided confrontation by logging off , hiding, or playing alts for the half hour.

In the meantime, I arrived at the raid event and was immediately greeted by Nanae from Aftershock, who killed me TWICE while I was standing in the raid. I said to her, "Seriously? How mature is that? We don't even know why you're warring us." She laughed and and ran away. Sheesh. (And a warm thank you to the priest who rezzed me in raid.)
Medi continued to talk to Aftershock members, and Heka too, until finally someone said that one of our members had KS'd from an Aftershock member in Bymorsh Marsh.
Really? That's it??
Ok KS-ing, kill stealing, is not cool. But sometimes it happens inadvertently, especially with ranged attackers. I am a mage and kill things from waaaaay far away sometimes! And sometimes I can't see that a melee attacker is approaching from a different angle. It happens. It's happened to me and I've caused it to happen to others. It's no big deal.
Well, apparently it was to Aftershock.
They camped the poor player who had allegedly KS'd and killed him immediately after every respawn. And they told us that they were warring our guild to "teach us a lesson" so that we would never KS again.
I was flabbergasted. (Good word. Thanks, Medi!) I still am actually. I'm sitting here shaking my head. I don't even know where to start with how plain ol' stupid that is.
But I think I'll stop my rant right there before this post becomes four pages long. Suffice to say, the only "lesson" that was given by Aftershock was that ignorant bullies are present everywhere, even in Taborea.