March 3, 2010

The Day Has Finally Come!

Tonight the Academy of Roleplaying Game Heroes (ARGH), would like to present the award for “Most Excruciating Journey to Reach Level 55” to…SPIRAL!!

OMG, Oh-em-GEE. I can’t believe it! Me? Wow! Thank you so much. Hey, this statue is heavier than it looks. Oh, gee. Whew. I can’t believe it. Speech time, Okay.
I’d like to thank Frogster and Runewaker for creating RoM, a game that is more addictive than crack.
I want to thank my guild, Medieval - WOOT! - for helping me when I needed it and for having a library when I was too stubborn to ask for help.
A big thank you to Borrofar. I know we had our differences but it was so great to work with you. I love you!
Oh, let’s see…thanks to Spazzy, the best reindeer ever. Thanks to Snoops, George the Mayor, Krodamar and Krodamon, Daily Quest Manager, Ancalon, Phil August, that crazy clown…what was her name?…oh, yeah, Malatina. I’d like to thank everyone I’ve ever partied with – you know who you are! And also…

Is that the music? I’m not done! Two more seconds!

I wanna thank the big G, and by that I mean the gigabytes of RAM in my hard drive. I want to thank the makers of Advil. Thank you to Juan Valdez and his little donkey – Hola! – and my cat, Willow, and … oh gosh. I said I wouldn’t cry!

Most of all I want to thank my BF for not getting too mad at me for disappearing to another land for an entire year. I love you and I promise I won’t…what am I saying? You know I’m not going to stop playing!

Thank you! Thank you so much! WOOT!

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  1. Very nice. I love that you thanked the big G aka your gigabytes!!!!