March 25, 2010

Bunch of Stuff

Today was a crazy day. On top of working like mad, I also did Spiral's Dino dailies, did a quick run through NoM, and started a new alt, a crazy-looking druid.
Going back to the beginning of the game was quite fun. I leveled to 10 in no time flat, plus leveled my gathering to 10 as well just in case. The quests seem so easy and the XP is so high. It's insane. But I guess that's how they rope new players in, right? They make it easy to start so you feel like you're awesome...until you end up at level 30 in Ystra killing ENDLESS numbers of Reindeer and wanting to scream.
So now that my new elf is level 10, I'm taking her to Varanas and back to the places I know. But I also put a teleport marker on the Elven Island and my plan is to someday open up a passageway for any humans to go to the Island. I always thought it was unfair that human toons couldn't go there and complete the quests. Of course, when I mentioned that, the elves got their ears in a twist and said that it was their island! Whatever. END APARTHEID!!
The other thing I did today was take a quick peek at some new stuff about Chapter III. I guess they are opening up one of the zones in April. That's soon!
So here is a pic I took of one of the funky dudes we're going to see there. Wonder if he's friendly?

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