March 6, 2010

The Binpikes

Lynn BinpikeSo I joined the raid on the Binpikes, Lynn and Worr. Don't they sound sweet? Noooooo. They are big, gigantic, humongous, huge, enormous, large, and otherwise un-small minotaurs!
The group was very nice though. They told me pretty much right away that I was "90% going to die".
I lol'd. Seriously! Out loud. Thought I might wake the BF.  :)
But our beautiful and insanely geared tank, Sintress, showed those overweight cows who's boss. That's right, Lynn and Worr. You got your butt handed to you on a plate by a GIRL.  Nyah-nyah-nyah.
In other news...I died.
Ha! Well I lived through the fight with Lynn but then totally got stomped on, like literally stomped on with HOOVES, by Worr. Jerk.
But then I actually got a purple drop from him. A completely useless purple drop, a 2H hammer, but still, it was nice to get a prize.

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