March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Frogster!

Got a super surprise today when I went on to play...double XP and TP!! Woot!
Turns out it was the beginning of the Birthday celebrations in honor of Frogster's one year anniversary. I had read about the events before but forgotten all about it. :)
I followed the forum link to find out more about the events taking place. It says that all week we'll get double XP on quests and mobs, and double TP on mobs. That is fully awesome.

They also have great sales in the Cash Shop and lucky me bought a bunch of diamonds a few weeks ago for my birthday so I have tons of spending money.
First thing I bought? A gasha, of course. I think I'm addicted to those things. They're kinda like scratch-and-win lotto tickets. I like the thrill of not knowing if you're going to get a big prize.

I briefly saw an Event Leader come online during the day and do a shout-out but I was busy and couldn't investigate further. The forum says that there is a Zurhidon Rampage event every day on Channel 1. I'd like to try that and see what the prizes are.

Also on the forums it says there are other events that can come up any time during this week: The Lost Guardian of Oblivion, Road Runner, Give to the Needy, Offering to the Goblin King and Lucky Portal. They all sound really interesting. I hope that I get to do each one at least once. Events are a great way to spice up the game, in my opinion. I've been playing for almost a year now, and I find I'm more interested in playing when there's something new to do. I've done the Halloween, Xmas and Valentine's events so far and I really enjoyed them all AND got some sweet loot.

The last thing that I got excited about today was wings in the Ruby Shop. I have been thinking about wings for a while now but couldn't justify the high price. But they had Little Devil Wings for 119 Rubies and, as luck would have it, that's exactly how many rubies I had! So I now have a nice pair of purple bat wings. I think they're kinda cute.
So Happy Birthday, Frogster! And many more!

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  1. It's nice to see someone really appreciate what the game owners are trying to do. And those wings look cute on you! Hope to see you around ... in the events or even afterwards.

    Remember... have fun!