March 14, 2010

Never Trust a Man in an Egg Suit

There's this guy on Osha server named PhatCat. I think he's probably the most well-known person on there, although many other players I'm sure would beg to differ.
PhatCat was the leader of a guild called ThePhiriusWorkshops, a guild of crafters and gatherers. An interesting idea. Unfornately for poor PhatCat, there were other guilds that thought it was humorous to war on his guild of pasty-faced potion-makers, kinda like bullies beating up the geeks at school. So PhatCat merged with another guild, I think Overkill, to gain protection. Smart move.
Anyway, everyone knows PhatCat because he is very active in the RoM community. He has events and give-aways and is generally very outspoken and cheerful on the world chat.
I truly admire PhatCat for his originality, enthusiasm and creativity. I have not seen any other guild have events or give away anything to anyone. PhatCat is like the Pep Squad of Osha! (Once again prompting the brawny quarterbacks of Osha to give him a swirly in the Varanas fountain.)
PhatCat and a friend, Zoe something, were standing out front of Varanas bridge the other day doing a bit of a schtick routine. Zoe had opened a portal and was telling passers-by to enter the portal. "What lies behind the portal? Riches? Virgins? Go through the portal!"
PhatCat was there dressed in some silly costume, telling everyone, "Don't believe her. Don't go in the portal! Don't do it!"
It was a mildy entertaining routine but no one was falling for it. I stood and watched for a while and people pretty much ignored them. I understood that they were trying to elicit some reaction in people, any reaction, and to just spice up life in Taborea a little bit. I thought it was nice.
That's why I stepped through the portal.
I think I was honestly expecting something mundane. I would be transported to some room in the Ystra Labyrinth and someone would be there with a small gift from the crafters.
Well, that's not what happened AT ALL.
I ended up here.
Absolute emptiness. I ran in one direction. Nothing. I ran in the other. Nothing.
It was FULLY awesome! I had never seen a place like this in RoM. I couldn't even imagine where it might be. Under a floor? Off the edge of the world? I was just amazed. I felt like I had died and gone to some bizarre in-between land.
They let me sit in there for a little bit before Zoe showed up. Just poof, she appeared.
I asked her, "How did you find this place?" She said, "Through a lot of hard work."
We chatted a bit, I showed her my reindeer, she showed me her WarTiger. Then she told me that if I wanted out, I had to port. Fine by me. I took one last look around the Land of Nothing, and went back to my regular life in Taborea.
The next day I found a transformation potion from PhatCat in my mailbox as a gift for being adventurous. So nice!
And a truly one-of-a-kind day. Thank you, PhatCat.

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  1. I've seen PhatCat around... but that's it.

    I'm a noobie player and 2 characters on Osha now.

    Characters are:
    Keruing: Druid 14/Warden 15

    Consantina: Priest 21/Mage 1 (Guild: Leagueofshadows)

    Nice to meet you.

    I play DDO as well...