June 11, 2012

Come On Over!!

For anyone still checking here, don't forget I'm blogging about GW2 now! And it's freaking amazing. Honestly, just finished the second beta weekend and had an absolute blast. It is tough to get used to because it is truly a unique game, but I don't regret my prepurchase at all.
Go here for all the continuing adventures of Spiral! --> Tales from Tyria.
The city of Lion's Arch

May 29, 2012


I was going through some old documents and came across this picture from Runes of Magic, taken September 2010.
The Knights of Good
I got all misty-eyed. It was kinda like looking at an old highschool yearbook. The only person of this group that I still talk to is Dezigirl. The rest have disappeared far and wide.
I miss all of you. We had so much fun! We were a kick-ass guild. KOG, forever in my heart. <3  (Look, I made the less-than-three symbol! You all know what I think that looks like!)

January 6, 2012

Look Who's (Kinda) Back!

Yes, it's me!
It's been a year and I've succumbed to peer pressure (Heka!) and gone back to Runes of Magic. But not in the regular way. I'm playing on a private server. Not too sure about the legalities of that, so I won't post the name, but the server is Europe-based, gives 10x XP & TP, and is, shall I say, quite interesting.
Sunset on Ystra Highlands

I swear my heart nearly beat right out of my chest when I first logged on to RoM again. I felt so nervous! Not sure why...I think because of some negative personal things that happened in the game around Xmas 2010. But Heka really wanted to go back, and he's my BFF and has stuck with me through good times and bad, so I took a deep breath and created a new Spiral.
At first glance, she probably appears to you to be identical to the old Spiral, but this is Spiral 2.0!
When I created her, I started off with her exactly the same, but I got this strange icky feeling in my stomach so I changed her hair style just slightly and that made the feeling better. I think I needed her to be a little different to symbolize how I've changed and grown personally in the last year outside the game.
Also, she is no longer a Mage/Rogue but now a Rogue/Priest, with a Mage third class sitting on the sidelines in case I get bored. When I was last playing Spiral 1.0, I was just getting into playing her rogue side and found it to be very fun. Stabby stabby stabby!  So I thought I would try Rogue primary this time, and chose Priest secondary so I could heal my Knight/Scout tank, Legitshizno, which is Heka's name for his new toon.

My adventures so far have been equally thrilling and dull. Ten times XP is CRAZY. I'm out-leveling my gear in an hour. Insane. The quests are boring, cuz I've done them soooooo many times. (How many alts did I have?? LOL) But it feels so cool to go back to my "old haunts" and see them again. I can't keep the smile off my face! Heka are I are in voice chat going, "Ooooh, I remember this!!" It's like going back to your home town or a vacation spot that you loved.

We're rebuilding our guild, Knights of Good, but we're only at level 3. Recruiting is going to be interesting as the server is very multicultural. World chat is predominantly English, but there is a lot of German and Russian too, and a smattering of other languages I can't figure out. It's been fun to chat with people from other countries. I love that!

So I can't promise that I'll be blogging about my new adventures or not. I'm pondering it with furrowed brow as I type this. I'm hesitant to think that I'll have anything scintillating to say about a game I've played for so long. But then again, I have yet to visit the Coast of Opportunity.  :)

I hope all my gaming friends are alive and well and having fun in their real and virtual worlds, wherever they may be.

August 29, 2011

Where Am I Now?

Hey everyone, Spiral here. Yes, I'm alive! (And so are you!)

Thanks to everyone who is still finding my blog and posting nice comments. All comments get sent to my email and it always puts a smile on my face to see that Runes of Magic fans are alive and kicking.

I've been out wandering in the computer world, trying out all sorts of games: Forsaken World, Rift, Guild Wars, Minecraft, Borderlands (my first FPS!), Magicka, Second Life, Champions Online and a bunch of others. I haven't found a game that has captivated me as much as RoM did, although I have high hopes for the upcoming Guild Wars 2.

I really miss blogging but haven't been inspired enough to write about any one game yet. I'll keep you posted if I start writing again.


February 22, 2011

Future Plans

If anyone is still checking this blog, I will be starting a new blog, Tales from Tyria, for Guild Wars 2 when it is released. I hope you will enjoy my  new adventures there later this year.