March 30, 2010

Easter Jogging

Put poor Spazzy through his paces today. I heard the world shout for the Easter Wabbit Hunt and of course, I had to go try that!
Went to Logar, behind the windmill, where these fine fellows were hanging out.
They opened a bunch of portals and I just jumped in one randomly. Ended up in Dragonfang Ridge. Started galloping.
Now I normally like events. They add some spice to the game when you're so bored killing the same old mobs you could do it with your eyes closed, one arm behind your back, eating a jelly sandwich and singing Dixie. But this event was mildly frustrating.
There were five rabbits to find. No clues. Just go forth, foolish mortals! The darn wabbits could have been ANYWHERE. Taborea is a big place! So here's 30-some folks running around randomly looking for bunnies and it's complete chance if you find one. And since there are only five to find, only five people are really happy and think the event was enjoyable.
So perhaps a suggestion to the Event Leaders is to make an event where everyone wins at least a little prize for showing up. Or maybe more small prizes to go around and one big prize. Or maybe just create an event that requires skill and not dumb luck and a fast mount.
So as you probably have guessed, I did not find a rabbit. Being the stubborn person that I am, I will probably try again if I see the announcement on another day. I'm nothing if not determined.
Besides, Spazzy has been getting fat eating too many parsnips. He needs a good run now and then!

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