March 20, 2010

The Madness of Triple XP

The Triple XP weekend is super busy! I took this screenshot of the daily Dino run for level 53 and up. We had a FULL raid of 36 people! Very cool. But also very laggy.  :)
Spiral hit 55/55 today, thanks to the 3x XP. Woot! Now she's taking a break while I level some alts, including Sister Agatha, my P/S.
Playing alts really makes you realize that certain classes are more of a "fit" than others. For instance, I have a K/War that is about level 30 and I just don't like playing her. I feel she is sooooooo slow. I don't want to delete her cuz I worked hard to get her where she is but I think I need to read the forums or something to find out if this is how it is with K/War. It's not really fun to play.
However, I also have a K/R who is super-fun. He has two swords and he just goes choppy-choppy-choppy like one of those Japanese chefs who set stuff on fire at your table.  I almost expect the mob to fall down into little bite-sized pieces all arranged nicely on a plate with some wasabi and rice.
Okay, back to the game for me. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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