August 2, 2010

Reinstalling RoM

Last night I decided to uninstall and reinstall RoM to see if it would help with my technical difficulties, like not being able to save my audio/video settings. I was a bit nervous as I pressed "Yes" to the uninstall prompt. What if I lost everything?? What if my characters were gone?? But I reassured myself that all character data is stored on the server and Spiral and Friends would live on.

Woke up this morning and the new install was done. Excitedly, I tried to start the game...and was met by patches! I guess installing the latest version of RoM doesn't include all the patches that have been done since Chapter 3 was released. An hour and a half later, the patches were done and I started up the game.

First thing: change all my audio/video settings to where I like them. As soon as I logged I was stunned by the crazy-amazing graphics. I guess I have been playing on low-graphic mode for so long, I had forgotten how beautiful the game can be when you have the 'puter-balls to run it. :)
Also, the sounds were all cranked up. Clicking my backpack nearly broke my eardrums! I don't often play with the sound on so it was a bit surprising. The music actually is quite nice but can get a bit irritating when it repeats so much.

Pretty soon realized that all my Curse add-ons were gone. Pewp! Went there and downloaded them: pbinfo, Shut Up!, Lootomatic, Advanced Auction House, Monster Tooltip, and ComeOnIn.

So it appears I am all refreshed and ready to go! We'll see if my settings stick and if I have smoother gameplay and less crashes. Perhaps I'll do a disk cleanup and de-frag tonight to add to my "late summer" cleaning. :)

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