August 11, 2010

Spiral is Married!

Today was a truly roller coaster day. First had to fix all my TP after the reset, then had to re-learn how to kill since mage skills got all mucked up. Frustrating.
Then went to the joyous and hilarious wedding of two friends, Heka and Majyst. Oh, the love! They are both male toons and are quite pragmatic about the whole relationship thing. They want the buffs, so they got married! We'll see how long it lasts. Heh heh.

But the part of the day that made me smile the most was Spiral's own wedding. She married her good friend, Meditank. The sweet guy even got down on one knee to propose! Ooh, the heart is all aflutter! The ceremony was quick and relatively painless...that is until the wedding duel. Medi kicked Spiral's squishy mage butt! Wife abuse already. Tsk tsk. I'll get him back though. I know where he lives. :)

Medi and Spiral have been doing a lot of quests together so the marriage buff seems a good idea. But there is also a lovers buff that might give a better stat. Or there's friendship, family and master-student. Over time I'm sure everyone will test them out and see what they like best. Ultimately if you group with the same folks all the time, each of you could have a different relationship status with someone else in order to take advantage of all the buffs.

It's kinda strange though that you can't be lovers AND be married. And you can't be lovers and be friends or be friends and be married. You can only pick one "special relationship". Thank goodness it's not that way in RL.


  1. Did I miss the gift registry? You guys seem very happy together. Good luck Meditank, you've got your hands full now. He he!

  2. I think it looks like Medi is yawning in that pic. ha ha!
    All wedding gifts are gladly accepted. Ultimate game cards preferred. :)

  3. So, Medi is kinda hot and Spiral is totally a hottie! Congratuations Mr and Mrs....