August 24, 2010

At Long Last...

Finally got my 50 elites this morning! Woot! I have been working on them for months now. Who would have thought two cute little dolls would be so much trouble?
When I first started doing them, I was determined to do them all myself and not buy anything. That dream faded pretty quickly when I realized how hard it was to do some of the quests. I STILL can't do IDK50 and I'm level 59. How could I have survived that at level 50 to get Thynos? And all the Memories? I solo'd Blackhorn Hafiz for his Memory, got Ensia's from a PUG, but had to buy Talomo's.
And then the "best" part is that you have to do it all over for your secondary side before you can get either of the elites. Argh!
But now that it's all done, I really like the elites that I got. For my mage side, I got Gift of the Baron. It causes my Kiss of the Vampire to also increase the damage of my next 2 magic attacks by 13%. Sweet. Only problem is that Kiss has a 60 second cooldown.
For rogue, I got Trap Master. Now I can place all 3 types of traps with one click. Very handy. I love the traps and usually place at least 2 at a time, so I will for sure use this skill on the rare occasion I play rogue.
So now my plan is to go farm all the 50 elite stuff and sell it on the AH so that I can make back the millions of gold that I spent getting here. And it'll help all the other discouraged players who are anxious to get their 50 elites and frustrated that it seems impossible. Good luck to all of you and don't give up!


  1. Gift of the Baron eh? Usually ladies like the gift of being fertile but what ever.

    I know some kisses that need a 60 second cool down. Sometimes even a cold shower!