July 30, 2010

Say Hello

I've created another alt. Now before you go sighing and shaking your head at me, listen to my reason...I want to try playing on a PVP server!
I've been fascinated by the idea of a PVP world for a while now, I think because I've been enjoying siege so much. There's a real thrill to the feeling that I could be killed at any moment while just minding my own
business. I guess that's called paranoia, isn't it? Sounds fun!
So I made an elf and I called her Sunkissed. I tried my best to make her as innocent looking as possible. I'm hoping to cause my enemies to pause for at least one millisecond before they attack. I need every advantage I can get.
I've decided to make her a Warden/Rogue. I've tried Warden before and haven't been fond of it but I figure the pet will help protect me and also level me up faster. And Rogue obviously is for the fully awesome hide skill. I also looked up the elite skills for Wd/R on theromwiki.com and they look kinda neat.
I'll be posting a bit about Sun's adventures here for all to read. Perhaps I'll discover that constant vigilance isn't as thrilling as I imagine and quit right away. Or perhaps I'll go all Benicio del Torro and stay in Indigo forever!

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