August 7, 2010

Sigh. Another Jerk

I've been playing RoM for a year and a half and previous to this week I had only run into one jerk. Now I've got two in three days!
New rude-dude's name is Hastemopinup. (what does that even mean?)
This guy is not so bad as the last one. He almost seemed apologetic after I called out that he was a JERK on world chat.

Here's the story. I was killing Winternight Ice Witches like I have been for weeks, trying to get an elite item to drop. They say it is a very uncommon drop from the Witches but if you happen to spawn Aisha, the Witch Queen, it is easier to get one from her, if not guaranteed. I have only ever seen Aisha once and that was way back when I was level 45.
So I've been working on this for a while now, and tried again tonight. I was killing for only about 10 minutes when Aisha spawned! I was so excited!
So I did what any nice girl would do and I started ComeOnIn and did a world shout for a raid group. I wanted to make sure that other players could enjoy this rare event. Then we could all have a chance at drops or whatever. (And besides that, I was unsure if I could kill her myself.)
About 20 seconds after my world shout, Hastemopinup showed up and started killing her. I ran over and said, "HEY." He just kept killing. I kept shouting at him. Nothing. He killed her in less than a minute and started running away. I whispered at him that he was rude. Then I did another world shout saying that the Aisha group was cancelled because he was a jerk and killed her already.
Only then did he respond to me and asked me if I needed the elite drop. I said yes and then asked him why he killed her. He said he was paid a million gold to ninja her. I called him a liar. He laughed and said, "Just wanted to kill."
Then he said, "You have mail." He had mailed me the elite drop. I thanked him and told him that next time maybe he could be nice and just join the group so we all could have a chance.

I don't understand some people. I'm shaking my head trying to figure out why I am so bothered. I guess because I could have done the same thing. I don't mean ninja the kill but I could have kept it quiet and whispered to my friends to come help me and we could have shared the loot between us.
Instead I did a world shout, effectively letting everyone know that 36 people were welcome to join me: strangers, lowbies, whomever. When I was a measly level 45, I joined a similar raid when someone did a shout-out. They were nice to me and I was paying it forward.
I guess that's the thing that's bugging me. I was nice and I got screwed. I hate that feeling that the only way to get ahead in life, and in RoM, is to be mean and selfish.
I refuse to be that way. I'm going to continue being nice, dammit! No jerks are gonna stop me. :)

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  1. Reading this years later it still makes me smile :P