August 13, 2010

They Are Removing the Mana Change

Woke up and found out that the RoM servers were down. I followed a link on the U.S. forums to the EU forums here. It says that they are removing the new mana consumption calculation and reverting it back to the old way. For now.
If you follow a link in that forum post above, there is actually a very intelligent letter posted up by the Head of Development of Runewaker. I think his reasoning for the mana change is sound. And it sounds very much like he knows the game inside and out and how to play as a caster. The theory behind the mana cost change is that the game was just getting too easy for casters who could just spam spells without consequence. I believe that to be true.
A lot of discussion in the game over the past two days has been about this change. Some people wanted to rage-quit. Others just rolled with it. Personally, I was frustrated but felt that the mana change did add some more strategy into my gameplay. It made it much less boring!
Anyway, we'll see how this all develops. I believe that the percentage mana cost was a good idea, but perhaps just less of a percentage so that we're not all running out of mana after two pulls in HotO.

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