August 15, 2010

Slow Progress

Spiral and her buddy, Ssss'tchk'sssii
I've had the quest, Defend the Broken Bridge, for months and months. Every now and then I would gallop Spazzy over there to see if the event was running. Most often it was not and I would just have to turn around and do something else. The few times the event was running, I tried to participate but never got the completion of the quest. There was even one time where it was frozen up, so I just chilled with the Kaa for a while. :)
Yesterday I went to check again and the Kaa were there beating up the guards. There was another player fighting but she was okay with grouping up with Medi and me. We killed mobs for a while and then suddenly it dinged and said I had completed the quest. It was very odd since we had only killed around 47 out of 100 at that time. Even stranger was the fact that the other girl and I completed, but Medi didn't. That quest is messed up for sure.

I still have many, many quests in my log to complete. I haven't gotten through Treasure Trove. I have some quests in AV that need doing but the elites there kick my butt. Then there's all the quests in Thunderhoof that will probably open up when I'm done AV, and from that the quests in Southern and Northern Janost Forests. Wow, when I list them like that, it seems rather overwhelming! :)
But I will keep plugging away at my To Do list and eventually, hopefully, catch up. I just have to play faster than the devs can get new content into the game!

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