August 4, 2010

Rolling in the Dough

Check this out! I was thinking it was about time I made some money so I went through my bags and trunks and bank and found a bunch of junk to sell. The biggest seller was this rune I'd been hanging on to for ages. Pretty sweet cash!

Used my sudden windfall of coin to bid on some Medusa's Shoulder Guards for two million gold. They are tricked out! Like +11 or some such thing and loaded with stats. If I get them, they will be the second part of my Medusa set and I get a set bonus of +80 Int. Not bad.

I'm also wearing two pieces of the Dragon Lady set from Pasper's Shrine, gown and gloves. They give me a bonus, I forget what, but to get more I'd need four pieces of the set. I figure going for the Medusa gear is more beneficial to me.

I've been hoarding all this stuff for so long waiting for the right time to use it. Why not now? I'm supposed to be enjoying myself, not waiting for a rainy day. :)

Crap, it's late. I've got to work at 8am and it's almost 2am. Sigh. Addictions are tiring!

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