August 10, 2010

Reset of Talent Points Tomorrow

Super exciting news! Tonight they applying the next Chapter 3 patch including new content and a higher level cap of 60!

Here's another important item from the patch notes:
"Additionally our latest patch will have many skills adjusted and balanced. Due to the sweeping nature of these changes, we will reset all spent talent points during tomorrows patch for both primary & secondary classes. All points earned will be added back to your pool of talent points and can be spent again. Enjoy this opportunity to rebuld your characters!"

It's mildly frustrating to re-allocate all my TP but it also is good to be able to rebuild. I pretty much know what skills I use most on Spiral but now I can redistribute my TP on my alts better since I've learned what skills are the best.
And knowing that there is a new level cap tomorrow means that I can collect daily mats like crazy today and be prepared to level level level. Hopefully we've got a triple XP weekend coming up. HINT HINT to Froggie!

1 comment:

  1. Last time they reset TP, I heard they didn't refund (at least some) bonus points, only the base TP. My friend complained bitterly about not being able to get all the skills that she had before the reset.