August 23, 2010

Level 59 - Check!

Reached level 59 earlier today. Very excited! It was a long haul from 58. My XP bar seemed to just be creeping along. Especially with all the death debt I've been getting from dying in Hoto, DoD, SJF, Varanas...kidding on that last one! :)

Today I also completed the Sascilia Steppes minigame for the first time. I had attempted it before but had never gotten to the treasure room. It's really a strategy game, which I like. You have to know when to use your certain skills in order to get past all the mobs successfully. I watched a few good videos on YouTube to help me out. Kinda tricky since most of the videos are in German, but you get the idea.
From the treasure chests I got four pink runes (like Fountain I) plus a bunch of materials to donate to the guild.

Speaking of the guild, KoG reached level 9 today too! Very cool. Now we're going to get a guild quest board and upgrade the gathering buildings and maybe get some new buildings. Need more gold and mats for that. Sigh. Gathering can sometimes be very peaceful, and other times make me want to scratch my eyes out with a toothpick.

Back to the game with me! Half hour until of the best parts of my day. (Minus the crashes.)

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