August 4, 2010

Mekuk is a Jerk

So I truly believe 99% of the people in Runes of Magic are nice. I've even heard other players say that RoM is a much friendlier community than WoW. I know that I try my best to be polite and helpful to anyone I meet and to give other players the benefit of the doubt.

But today I had a run-in with a jerk.

His name is Mekuk.

Yes, I am putting his name here as our first member of RoM's List of Inexplicably Vulgar Jerks Who are Rude for No Good Reason (RLOIVJWARFNGR, what a fine acronym!)

Here's the scoop. I was in Southern Janost Forest, merrily roasting insects in the Bymorsh Ruins. I ran past Mekuk, who was killing a Sigg Lurker, and jumped into a group of three Man-Eating Plants. I did what a mage does and Purg'd the suckers to death, all three of them.
Mekuk run up to me and said something like *^^.
Then he whispered to me, "AS S HOLE."
Double huh?
So I said, "Um, sorry? I didn't realize they had your name on them. And PS, I'm a girl."
He said, "I don't care if u r."
Nice. Such a gentleman. So courteous and respective of players who are just out doing their dailies like everyone else.

Congratulations Mekuk on being the first person to tick me off enough to make up an acronym.

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  1. Do you want me to beat him up for you, cause I will!!!