August 9, 2010

Bring It!

Logged on today and played with Sunkissed, my PvP girl on Indigo server. I just puttered around completing all the low level quests on Elven Island.
It's strange to be on a server that's so empty.  In the big cities, there's a few people, but in a lot of the "rural" areas, it's rare to see another toon. I've kinda gotten used to the hustle and bustle of Osha, I guess.
In PvE, you have to enable your PvP status in Varanas to be able to fight other toons but I'm not actualy sure how it works on Indigo. Is Sun's status just automatically set for PvP? Or are they kind enough to let you get to at least level 10 before you can be randomly murdered? Can I only fight players close to my level? What about good and evil reputations?
So with a very small but very devilish grin, today I decided to target a lower level toon that was in the distance and press my attack button. Sun actually started running towards him to kick his butt! But when she reached him, it gave the message "spell error".
I did a bit of research into RoM PvP rules and found out that you must complete a level 15 quest in Varanas before you can actively fight other toons. Alrighty then. Onward and upward to level 15!

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