August 17, 2010

Northern Janost Forest

I've been so busy having fun playing RoM that I've been forgetting to blog about it! But that's a good sign, isn't it? The game devs are doing their jobs to keep an ol' veteran like me entertained.
They opened up a new zone in the game, Northern Janost Forest. Don't let the banal name fool you: NJS has some of the coolest mobs in the whole game. I was blown away by the creativity of the beasties sent forth to destroy my mage butt in this zone. It seemed as if I spent more time gawking at the mobs than trying to kill them.
First of course are the ubiquitous skippers, giant Blue Butterflies flapping lazily through the air. But watch your step! Masses of snakes slither through the grass, not only many giant Withered Jarias snakes with their red and black stripes, but also their tiny offspring. This is no place for the heebie-jeebies!
There are also dragonfly-like creatures named Babels, whom I'm assuming speak in tongues no one can comprehend, plus giant slimy snails and adorable Sharptooths. There are Lakosos in the lakes, basking in the sun with some truly strange dinosaur creatures that will gladly tromp on your liver until it comes out your nose.
Then there's the gliding monkey-dudes with their big bat ears, who spend their days doing backflips near the lake. And there are humanoids too, elven psychos that hide amongst the trees and pepper your backside with arrows when you're innocently gathering Thorn Apples. (Yay, level 56 mats! Thank you!)

But my favorite mob in the new zone is this handsome fellow, a mysterious creature with the unfortunate name of Dimstar Pukari. (Did his mother not realize how much he was going to get teased?)
The Pukari looks like an enormous Fail-Salad that someone has left lying in the forest. Or perhaps a cross between a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and that bizarre thing you made in pottery class when you were 10. They wait patiently while you tiptoe towards them....
...then raise up their retarded grass hats and blow gobs of spittle on your face as they try to make you tomorrow's fertilizer! The teeth on these little mental patients are enough to make a grown dentist cry.
Luckily for Spiral, Mr. Not-The-Brightest-Star-In-The-Heavens was easily subdued by a taste of some old fashioned fireballs. The reward for successfully annihilating a living leafy nightmare?  One Link rune! Woot!!  (The devs are laughing at us, I know it.)

Many more stories to tell you when I find the time to write them. I've been taking screenshots and saving them up for when I can tear my fingers away from WASD and put them on ASDF JKL;! Stay tuned...


  1. I know this is out of left field, but one thing that bugs the crap out of me is why so many people who play RoM (I play as well) run around with naked? What is the point? To me its a rather silly thing that just looks. . . well. . I am acting to old perhaps. .

    Why, do you do it? What point does it serve?


  2. That's a great question. I thought the same thing when I startd, to be honest.

    For me, the reason I run around half clothed is part vanity and part practicality.

    The vain part is that my chest piece and boots don't match my skirt and I want to look nice while I kill mobs. Silly, I know. But I AM a girl! I recently colored my clothing to match better and now prefer to wear more clothes, not less. (See my new toon pic on the right hand side.)

    The practicality part is that unchecking my gear reduces lag in the game. If I want the video settings for the game to be set at better quality, I need to uncheck some of my more complex clothing pieces to get my computer to run faster and not lag.
    You see this often in instances and raids where everyone is in their "bathing suits". Intricate armor and especially wings I find really drag my computer speed down.

    And just for the record, in my eyes anyone who plays RoM is embracing their inner child and could never be considered old! :)

  3. Thanks Spiral, those are some great responses. Still think its way silly but now hearing it from someone sounds better than. . cause I can. . get over it. . LOL

    Thanks again :)

  4. What you may not realize about the Dimstar Pukari is that he is not sort of wild teeth salid ready to pounce on you when you think he is just a friendly old bush. The Pukari is a beast that likes to gather plant life around the area and wear is like a big ol' wig. I am not certain if this is a fashion in the Pukari culture, or just a great way to sneak up on squishy mages.