August 3, 2010

This Song is About Me

I think I may need to re-do my wardrobe. Again.
Last night I looked in my backpack and realized I had 36 Standard Aggregators. What the heck am I going to do with all those? Why do I even have that many? I think they must have come in bundles or something because I don't think I would purchase them on their own.

Anyway, I decided to aggregate my Dragon Lady top and gloves into the Demon Lady set I've been sitting on since, oh, last year some time. Luckily for me, Spiral hadn't gained any weight so she fit into them. (Hee hee!) Must be all that cardio-kick boxing!

Put on my nice new clothes and went to the AH to see if I could find some new boots to match. I'm standing there all proud and a guy says, "I like your outfit." I curtseyed and thanked him. Then he said, "I wish I could buy a housemaid that looked as cute as you."
A housemaid? Oh, no you didn't.
I almost roasted his chesnuts right there in Varanas Central.
I am not a cute housemaid. I am a fire-spewing, lightning-calling, blood-draining, purple-haired hellion!
I barbecue Naga for brunch and ask for seconds.
Housemaid? Pffft.

But did you notice that my new gloves make my fingernails long and purple? So cute!  :)

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