January 30, 2010

Playing on an Alt

I went online tonight...or last night? It's 1:30 am now, Saturday morning, but I started playing at around 10pm Friday night. Anyway, I went on RoM and played on an alt for a while, just to ease myself back into the game after a week of being away.
My alt's name is Sister Agatha. She is a Priest/Scout and a Cook. She is also an old woman.
You don't see many old looking characters running around Taborea. Even the occasional toon with white hair usually still is youthful looking and the white hair is more of a fashion statement than an indication of age.
Sister Agatha is truly old though. It makes me smile.
She has steel grey hair tied up in a very practical bun. Her face is worn and wrinkled, with sun spots on her cheeks. Her arms are skinny, her butt is big, her breasts are small, and she has a pot belly.
Of course building a toon with those proportions doesn't always present a pretty picture. It's quite obvious that most of the RoM costumes were created for players with, shall we say, more alluring physiques.
Take a look at the picture below...if you dare!
Isn't she lovely?
When I first got this outfit together -- I think it's one of the sets you get for completing FA or something -- when I first put it on her, I was embarassed!  I thought, "I can't leave the house wearing this!" I honest-to-Narfas hesitated to take Sister Agatha through the streets of Varanas! Then I realized I was just being silly and took her out.
Of course, what happens then? I join a party to kill Joblid the Giant Flower (more of him in another post someday) and one of the other party members is wearing the same outfit.
It was awkward. I told her it looked better on her but she didn't answer me. Huh. No buff for you then, Miss Prissy!
At any rate, I had a good time with the ol' Sister tonight, kicking gnoll ass and taking names. Perhaps she'll be my new "main" for a while. Everyone loves a priest. Especially a sexy one.  :D

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