January 12, 2010

Recording Videos with WeGame

I went browsing on the Internet for a program to record videos of my exploits in Taborea.  I first tried GameCam but that didn't work for me.  So I went to http://www.wegame.com/ and downloaded their client.
It's totally free, which is always good (except for STIs), and it after a few technical difficulties, it worked great.
I made a quick sample video of my character, Spiral, riding her reindeer.  The link is here.
I'm going to try to somehow make a video box on this blog so I can have my latest videos posted for all to see.  It might take a little bit to figure that out but I don't mind.  I know a bit of HTML and learning is always a good thing (except learning that the stove burners stay hot for a long time. Ouch.)

1 comment:

  1. Regarding the video and that, try uploading it to video and imbedding the link that it gives you there :)