January 18, 2010

Mondays Suck

Apparently I shouldn't game on Mondays. Maybe I'm just out of practice after a weekend in the real world, but I died TWICE today. Sigh.
I had cleared away almost all the debt from my first death (some psychotic Naga thought I looked at him the wrong way) when I died again trying to off the Ape King by myself.  He only had 40,000 HP.  I thought I could take him. But as soon as my Lightning Bolt root spell wore off he came over and crushed me with his hairy fists.  Stoopid ape.
So now I am leaving Spiral to study at the library in my super-awesome guild castle while I go make dinner. I have 720,000 XP debt. By my calculation it should take 10 solid hours of studying to erase the debt. Sigh again.

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