January 8, 2010

First Post

I couldn't sleep last night so of course I got out of bed and started playing my addiction, Runes of Magic.  RoM is a MMORPG that is very similar to the well-known World of Warcraft (WoW).
Anyway, after my eyes got too sore to play anymore, at about 1:30am, I returned to my cozy bed and pondered how to share my RoM experience with the world.  And that late night madness created this blog.
Like most blogs, I'm just going to ramble.  Unlike most blogs, I hope it will be entertaining or at least informative.  I have many topics already in mind: guilds, gold, mounts, gearing, quests, partying etc. 

One last note: I'd be interested to know who actually reads back through all my posts to the very first one.  If you are from the future and can take time away from your high-tech virtual world game that lets you smell the blood from that Demonthorn Vine's excrutiating death caused by your dagger thrust to its fleshy midsection, please post a comment telling me date you read the very first post of my blog. 


  1. Jan 13th. The cross-dressing blog inspired by yours truly, of course. Amazing how influential those from the future can be! By the way, your latest is your greatest (that being the "boss warnings" episode).

    Gust, a.k.a. Sledfragment

  2. Jan 26th. I'm an avid RoM player as well. I've only been playing for about a month...and I'm so addicted to it! If I didn't have college to worry about, I'd be playing way more often. I'm really enjoying your blog! =)

    Kyraone (30W/27K)
    Govinda Server

  3. 5/12/2010 -- I'm a WoW player, a friend of mine started playing RoM some months back and I just started dabbling in it as a second game. (WoW is kind of in the pre-expansion doldrums now -- I still raid and make gold on the AH, but just spend less time in game than I used to.) I forget the name of the server I'm on... it's the crowded US PVE one. (Currently 17k/15s after 4 days.)

  4. A reader from the future wrote:
    Waiting for ch 3 patch today. Found your old posts an entertaining read, all the way to the beginning.

  5. A week or two ago. Stumbled upon Thunderhoof Hills as I was searching for directions to Snoop in AV.
    I was already pondering to create a blog for the same purpose, and you inspired me to take a similar start with it. :)

  6. Today is Sept 5th, 2010. I'm thinking about playing ROM but I'm away from my home computer at the moment (I'm using my parents while I'm visiting them during the Labor Day weekend). Your blog is making me want to blog about my experience with ROM from day one. Anyways, you have a great blog here!

  7. Oct 13. I've just discovered RoM and started looking for any information and players blogs.

  8. November 30, 2010 (kind of redundant since it shows when I posted this comment at the bottom! :)

    I've been playing RoM off and on since the beta. I haven't gotten very far yet (42D/42S). I've been reading your blog for several months and just now decided to go back and read the very first posts. :)

  9. Monday, December 06, 2010
    I was googling information on Siege War and stumbled across your siege blog post. Decided to see what else the blog had, and so here I am :]

  10. Friday, December 10, 2010
    I have been playing RoM for about three weeks. I found your blog on a random Google search for the word "Taborea". It looks great so far.
    Renaquin - (21M/21P)
    Ecclesia Guild - Govinda Server

  11. Hey, reader from the future here. I went out looking for runes of magic blogs hoping to find other avid RoM players and I stumbled across yours. I can honestly say I've read almost all of your posts and I have enjoyed every single one of them. Keep on doing a great job!

  12. you probably wont see this since you stopped bloging but if you ever do I would just like to say that I loved your blog and appriciate all the time you put into it to make all of us readers literally LOL. If you ever start blogging again I will be the first on the blog =-)
    just in case you ever make an alt on artemis I play a 55/50 preist/scout named Sirtistan

  13. So you stopped coming here:( I was smiling hard from your last blog to this one only to find out you don't blog anymore. I played a MUD back then too in a computer lab :o and then played 3 months in WoW and now in RoM (osha) :o (with a break from fantasy worlds for Second Life, that's one weird game, everyone there was mental one way or another). Do you still play RoM? Will you blog again? omg maybe you died in RL!!!

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  15. December 19th, 2013!...I'm an old player of RoM...started in September 2009. Over the years, took many breaks and going to play RoM again. I was searching for an english version of Michael Bhatty's german Runes of Magic books (it never came out) and I found this blog so I thought I'd read it.