January 19, 2010

Not a Total Loss

Ok, so Monday turned out to be kinda fun.  I got rid of my XP debt, then died AGAIN.  I guess I just don't learn.  Bought a God's Redemption Ticket and wiped it clear cuz I was just so frustrated.
Then I got in a raid for the Ant Queen.  I think I was one of the lowest HP's there, even though I was not the lowest level. I don't think the leader cared, she was just trying to get as many suckers, er, members as possible. 
So we all gathered and got naked (giggle) and some crazy knight attacked the Queen and spells started flying and giant ants appeared out of nowhere and then I was dead. 
But I looked around from my comfortable spot on the floor and noticed that quite a few people were dead.  I wasn't the only one.  Yay!  I'm not the only loser!
But the Ant Queen was also dead so they told me it was a success.  I had to get rezzed twice in order to sneak close enough to the corpse to loot the stuff for my quests since there were still giant ants there. I guess I was lucky since some people in the raid didn't finish their quests.
The picture over there of the dead bodies.  You can see in the raid listing on the left all the dead people have black bars.  And of course, the bodies lying all over the place give it away too.  :) 
And stop looking at my bum.  Bum-looker.  Cheeky monkey!
So after that madness, I did a recruit message for the guild and captured, er, I mean enrolled a few new guildies. They asked me if we could go through FA and I said sure thing, trying to be the cool high-level, totally nonchalent.
But it actually was a success! (Note my surprise.) I killed all the bosses and the two little priests only died twice cuz of adds, which was my fault cuz I should have asked the knight dude to watch them for me.
At the end, after Ancalon had drunk her fill of my fiery brimstone, I shouted WOOT and said, "I've never done that before!"  Whoops, blew my cool facade!!  :)

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