February 1, 2010

Altar of Boring

Logged on with Spiral tonight and went to Mystic Altar to look around. I know I've been there before, obviously, because I completed the quests, but I didn't remember much of it. So I sauntered in and didn't have any trouble killing the level 40-42 elites that were prowling about: scorpions and Mana Bats and Zurhidon dudes. They seemed to drop a lot of recipes and useless runes, like Vitality I.
Got a chilly surprise when I touched the Holy Water...a coven of Ice Witches gathered round me and tried to freeze me solid.  Didn't much like that. I ended up running away just because I figured it wasn't worth using the potions to keep my mana and health up long enough to kill them all.
Wandered around a bit more in there but didn't stay long. There isn't really anything in MA that is necessary. I mean, FA and NoM have drops that people need for elites. MA, nothing like that. I'll probably do a bit more research online to find out if it's worth killing the bosses in there or not.
What's the next instance after MA? Hmmm...IDK? 
Cool! Just went to theromwiki.com and found this nice page. Pretty good list and a few of the links give more info.  Sweet.

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