January 13, 2010


An informational post today.  When I started playing RoM I was very confused about all the short forms and acronyms flying around the chat.  A lot of it you can pick up contextually, but sometimes I had to go Google something just to figure out what the hell was going on!  So here is a list of short forms for your perusal.  I hope it's helpful.

afk – away from keyboard
AH – Auction House
alt – alternate character
AOE – area of effect
atm – at the moment
AV – Aotulia Volcano
BG – Bloody Gallery
brb – be right back
Clops – Cyclops Stronghold
CS – Cash Shop (Item Shop)
cya – see you later
DDC – Dust Devil Canyon
DOT – damage over time
DPS – damage per second
FA – Forsaken Abbey
HoTo – Heart of the Ocean
IDK35 – Ice Dwarf Kingdom lvl 35
IDK50 – Ice Dwarf Kingdom lvl 50
idk – I don’t know
kk – for some reason this is the same as OK
leet – elite
LFG – looking for group
LFM – looking for more
lol – Laughing out loud. Rarely does this mean that the person is actually laughing. It’s become an inane way to respond to almost any comment
LOS – line of sight
mat – material, as in wood, herb, ore.
mob – bad guy
NoM – Necropolis of Mirrors
NPC – non-player character
OMG – Oh my God
omw – on my way
OS – Obsidian Stronghold
pm – private message, whisper
pst – whisper
ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing (how can they type while rolling?)
SOA – Staff of Admiration, some staff that high levels are always oohing about
toon – character
TP – talent points
vent – Ventrilo, an application for voice communication while gaming
WTB – wanting to buy
WTF – What the f**k, as is "WTF I just got killed by a fungus!"
WTS – wanting to sell
WTT – wanting to trade
XP – experience points

Also all classes are shortened to one letter which was all fine and dandy until Wardens came along and messed it up for Warriors! I’m too sure what the standard convention is for the two W’s. I’ve seen Wa, Wr, Wd…who knows?
Dual classes are expressed: P/M (Priest Mage)


  1. Although it's not an acronym, you forgot my all-time favorites..."newb" and "noob"...they have different meanings. I hope I'm the better of the two! :)


  2. I learn things every day! I didn't know they were two different things.
    A newb is someone who is new to the game, I got that one.
    But noob refers to someone who doesn't know anything and doesn't care to learn and wants other players to do the work for them.
    Did I get that right?
    And Gust, you are neither!

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    Cheers! I'll be following you :D