January 13, 2010

Guilds & Cross-dressing

I belong to a wonderful guild called Medieval. I joined kinda randomly, just looking for a guild that wasn't full of kids (it's age 25+ for the most part).  I wasn't even sure if I wanted to join a guild.  I didn't see the point.
But now I love my guild!  At first it was just because of the castle perks...stable, library, forge, field, lumber yard, bank.  I didn't really chat too much and never grouped with guildies.  But as time went on, I kinda got interested in the friendly banter in the Guild Chat window.  Slowly I started opening up to my guildies.  And I found that I liked it.  I'm not much of a social person in real life, but I guess hiding behind a computer screen is different.  You're not judged by how you look or how old you are or what you're wearing; it's by how well you play or how well you're geared or how helpful you are or how much you know about the game.  Or, best of all, how much you can make people LOL!! 
Just recently the Guild Leader, Krastia, appointed me as a Recruiter for the guild.  I was a little worried at first but it's actually been interesting.  It's forced me to be more outspoken and friendly but in return I've got a lot of new ... I don't want to say "friends".  Acquaintances?  People who think I'm nice because I invited them to the guild. 
So more of the guild members initiate conversations with me and ask me questions and now that I'm level 53, I can answer a lot of them.  And I can help lower levels with their bosses!  It's nice to return the favor since many times lvl 55's have helped me kick some poor mob's ass.
At any rate, we were yucking it up tonight and I found out that Kras thought I was a guy!  So strange.  I have a female toon.  Do I type like a dude?  Fight like a man?  Who knows? 
But a lot of guys make female toons.  One of our guild members says it's because he's tired of watching a guy's butt as he runs around!  Too funny! 
Most of the time the guys make their female characters with crazy huge boobs.  You can spot them a mile away.  I don't know of too many girls who would do that, at least not the kinda girls who would play RoM.  So I always assume a female toon with big boobs or wearing only a bikini is a guy.  Especially if he/she is riding a Wartiger Mount.  :)


  1. Hey Spiral, you took my material from in-game chat today!! ;)

    Thanks again for the guild invite. This is Gustavus. Nice blog!

  2. Nice interesting post. I see what you mean about the whole dress sense. In my guild we have half men half women and the women want to do runs to places to get the whole set just for looks and to keep. Whereas men prefer to do the best possible and level quickly to be strongest :) Keep up the posts ;D

  3. Lyriquid, that is so true! Girls want their outfit to look nice, not necessarily be the best for stats. I have to admit I have felt that way too. It's like, "But this outfit is so PRETTY! Do I really have to trade it up for a lvl 50 robe with 117 Dura??" :)

  4. HI Spiral
    I am a woman playing ROM and what I see is the guys matching the outfits , farming till they get the whole set....as for me I don't care what the items are as long as they r color coordinated! Also, I always uncheck my armor when I go into dungeons cause of lag issues and I forget to recheck them but its ok cause my underwear is also color coordinated! lastly, I am not a mage I am a knight and I hit like a woman!

    Reni server
    Retribution Guild