January 10, 2010

You Have Died

Grrrrr...I had a crappy game night yesterday. I was playing my alt, a lvl 28/28 P/S namded Sisteragatha and she was just traipsing her merry way through the forest when !!!CRASH!!!
Got kicked out to the login screen. Swore a bit. Logged back in after a few unsuccessful attempts. Loaded up my girl and !!!WTF!!!
"You have died."
I freaking HATE that. My poor toon is laying there on the forest floor with no suspects in sight. Who killed her? Some damn roaming Demonthorn Vine?
It so pisses me off when crap like that happens. You'd think if I was booted from the game that my character would freeze where she is and also get logged off and NOT get killed.
Why isn't that the case?
I ended up playing way longer than I had expected in order to work off that XP debt. Very frustrating.

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