November 29, 2010

I Have Drawn The Line...

...and it's in my butt crack!  LOL
Ok, sorry for being rude, but this post is about thongs. Wipe the drool off your chin and pay attention!

Spiral is known for her ever-changing outfits and if you look at her new Fashion Page, you can see that gradually over time she has been dressing more and more provocatively. I even did a blog post once about how nervous I was to be going out in "public" wearing a skimpy pair of pants. Well, look at me now! I flaunt my dimpled butt cheeks all over town without a single thought.  ;)

But on a recent trip through Clops with my lover, Pixierosalove, and my step-brother, TwoTonTony, I realized that I actually do have a decency line and it can be crossed. The winning piece of clothing? Ordig's Knowledge Leggings. Wanna see them? I thought so! Click the link, press View in 3D on the right hand side, then at the bottom of the pop-up window, choose Female. Now slowly, slowly spin that darling around and check her out!! 

A darn fine thong, I must say, and very pretty, but I actually don't think I could wear it outside my bedroom. Seriously! I know that some of Spiral's outfits haven't really had much more cloth than those pants, but I still feel at least there was some attempt to cover her butt. These are pure basement-geek fantasy. Nothing wrong with that, but I believe I will pass on wearing this as an everyday outfit and instead save it for the next lucky geek who is invited to Spiral's purple bed.

1 comment:

  1. Lookin' good Spiral!

    Guess I must be playing the wrong game. Shucks, I wish I'd have had those Intelligence Leggings...maybe then I would have been smart enough to have seen your fashion future. :)

    When you ran the Warhammer Online trial, did you make sure to try out the Witch Elf? If it's racey you're going for, they certainly have a nice array of thongs and corsets.

    Fun read as always, but this time with pictures to go with!