November 24, 2010

Rid the World of Labels

I've always played the game with all the labels turned on for NPC and players, including titles and guild names. That way I always knew who was who. Seemed the easiest way to do things.
But the other day I accidentally hit F9 and all the names of the players around me disappeared. It made me think: "Would I actually recognize my guildies and friends if they didn't have their name floating above their head?"
So I turned off labels for while just to see. And it turns out I didn't do so badly, even considering that I'm in a new guild. Most people in the game are very determined to be as individual as possible and they find all sorts of ways to look unique, from wings to tails to custom-colored gear...or no gear at all!
So if you'd like a new perspective on the game, hit F9 to remove player labels and F7 to remove NPC labels and tour around for a bit. The world looks different, that's for sure.

Edit: Cuz I'm a geek I figured out that if you just chose from the 8 facial tones, 25 hair styles and 46 faces available to a female human toon, there would be 9,200 different 'looks'. Factor into that the almost endless colors for hair, and all the different physical dimensions, and you'd be hard pressed to find another toon that looks exactly like yours!


  1. I turned all labels off, back in Open Beta. It's an immersion thing for me. I wanted to feel a little less game presence and more virtual world presence.

    I've since caved and started playing with addons that leave stuff all over the UI though /shrug.

  2. I was the same with add-ons. I said I wouldn't need any and now I feel like I can't live without them!