November 6, 2010

So Many Exciting Adventures

Taking screenshot of pretty areas
Well, after a few weeks of frustration and boredom, I finally have some fun new adventures to blog about! Yesterday was quite an exciting day, I have to say. I did two new instances that I've never been in. :)

First was The Cave of the Water Dragon. I think I should have warned my group that I'm a blogger before we went in. They kept wondering why I was lagging behind...I was snapping screenshots! So thanks to my fearless and patient group, Madazfella, Mekuk, Malycik, Damsonrhea and FreedomJackel, for taking me in and showing me around.
The mages got a lesson in how to kill the green-tailed newts using Discharge and Thunderstorm. I think we only died, oh 4 times?, before we got it right. High five, FreedomJackel!
Other than that, we were quite successful in there, even though I'm still quite sure what we were looking for. Me personally, I was completing quests that had been collecting dust for months. The others I think were looking for mats for some strange recipes. I'll have to check that out later since my backpack is now stuffed with things like Hydration Essence and Water Dragon Saliva.

Naos, the Happy Spinner
Second was a very interesting and confusing trip through the Hall of the Demon Lord. I didn't even know how to get there and was lucky enough to find a chivalrous prince, HerPrince actually, who gave me a ride on his pegasus to the entrance. Thank you!
I don't know that I actually enjoyed HODL but it was definitely a learning experience. The strategy is we HAVE to die. Well, I suppose that's not entirely true. We could fight, but it wouldn't be worth our time really. Easier to pop an Angel's Sigh, switch gear, and take your death like a real woman!
Androlier is almost dead!
Our group had quite a good sense of humour about the whole dying thing, and Kiyokio even died many more times just to prove that it was okay! (Way to take one for the team, Kiki.)
We battled our way past many nasty mobs, mini-bosses and uber-bosses, then reached an area where we had to "hug" the wall to sneak past some evil baddies. Of course, that didn't work out so well. Medi's giant plate shoulders knocked against the wall and he caught aggro and died rather quickly. Then a bunch of us simply wandered a bit too close to the nasties and suffered the same fate. It seemed an endless time until we all managed to tiptoe to the final area only to find... four of us weren't keyed for Sirloth. Bummer. We tried a trick to get us inside, which kinda worked, but we couldn't move once past the barrier. So we were no help with the fight.
SavageBeast, LadySavage, Kitgw, Yaser, Zelvira, Damsonrhea, and Twotontony were keyed and went through to fight the big, bad, smelly, evil, flatulent, pustulent, inconsiderate and poxy SIRLOTH! (Can you tell I don't like him much?) I watched from my resting place on the ground as they successfuly defeated His Royal Loserness. Gratz!
I am grateful to the patient and understanding SavageBeast, for his instructions and humour through this instance. (Canadians FTW!) And also want to give a big thank you to Triple-T for inviting me to join Evil Empire. So far all I can say is: You guys ROCK!  I'm looking forward to many more adventures with you. I've got a packload of Angel's Sighs that I need to burn up.  :)

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