November 10, 2010

Sieging Styles

In case anyone hasn't seen it yet, I'm trying to put together a guild siege guide. The link to it is over there on the right.
I updated it a bit tonight with some information regarding the stuff you can buy from the Farm Store. It seems there are a lot of siege items that I have never used. Or at least not yet. :)

Sieging with different guilds is quite an experience.
In Medieval, we ran about having fun and figuring stuff out, as siege was very, very new back then. I was pretty low level and mostly just collected crystals.
In Anomalies, I often sieged alone or with one or two other players. I learned quite a few tricks and even managed to win some sieges solo, much to the surprise of the opposing team.
In KoG, everyone kinda did their own thing for a while, until we started losing too much and then we tried to get organized but never really could pull it off. We still had a lot of fun though!
Now in Evil Empire, it's very organized. The team meets before siege to set up different groups to do different things, and each group gets a tank and a healer. Even our Vent is separated into groups so we can direct each other.

Organization is all well and good, and it certainly helps to win the siege, but it kinda makes me feel like a drone. Follow the group, do what you're told, stick to your side, don't wander off. I'm used to being a bit more independent than that.
And I miss the friendly banter in TeamSpeak from KoG, where everyone is shouting and joking and screwing things up. We were such a bunch of misfits! It was funny. And also frustrating when we couldn't win because we couldn't get our act together but still...I felt more like I was goofing off with friends than enrolling in an army.
I suppose I need to give it some time. I just joined EE and I hardly know anyone there, only Medi, Streaker and TTT. The rest I'm just getting to know and feel comfortable with. I have to admit, I often have to mouse over their toons to find out what class they are!
So maybe once I have more of an attachment to my new guild, I'll feel more involved in siege. Right now, not so much. But every day I run more and more stuff with my guild, talk more on Vent (ack, it's so hard to speak up!), and toss silly chat messages back and forth. The whole situation kinda feels like I'm the new kid at school and I want to go hide in the library and read books.  Not a great feeling, but it will get better, I'm sure.

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