November 14, 2010

Beautiful Places of RoM #4

Been a long time since I've posted a BPR but that's not cuz I haven't seen a ton of them. I still find myself playing the gawking tourist in many locations in Taborea. :)
This is Hall of the Demon Lord, second boss, Yash. As you can see, my poor corpse is lying at the bottom of the screen waiting for a rez. (Thank you, Nakoya!) But in the meantime I was watching the pulsing blue "heart" and thinking it was quite beautiful and deserved a post on my blog.
So next time you're admiring the grouting on the floor, remember to look around and appreciate the beauty of the game.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, crazy thing. I took a screenshot 30mins before reading this blog. :) Have fun in the world of taborea!