November 17, 2010

10 Questions & Answers About Me

I've been kicking around RoM for almost 2 years now so I figure it's about time I answer some of the most commonly asked questions I receive in game.

1. WTF is that? It's a reindeer. I won him in a Xmas contest. His name is Spazzy. Yes, he is permanent.  No, I won't sell him to you!
2. Are you a woman in RL? Yes, I am. No, I won't send you visual proof.
3. What's your real name? You can call me Spiral. If you don't like that, I will also answer to Sugar, Sexy or HeyYouCrazyMage. Take your pick.
4. Where do you live? Canada. Oh, more specifically? Ontario. The city? Not a chance, pal! A girl's gotta be careful.
5. Are you married? Kids? No and no. I'm recently single after a long-term relationship.
6. Will you marry me? Hmmm, tempting, but no. Ask me again later.  No, not in five minutes. I mean in a few months or years. Oh, stop your blubbering. You'll be fine. Plenty of fish in the sea, so they say.  ;)
7. Why do change your outfits so often? Because I get bored looking at the same thing for too long.
8. Will you power level me? NO. Go play the game!
9. Why did you pick mage/rogue? Honestly, I just went with my gut. Didn't do a lot of research about it. I'm either really lucky or really self-aware that my first toon is the one I like the most.
10. What do you do when you're not playing RoM? Sleep.


  1. Too funny, Spiral!

    After some months away, I thought I'd drop over to your blog...grats on keeping things fun and fresh.

    I especially enjoyed your MMO Slut article, and found it interesting that you enjoyed Warhammer. That's where I've found myself most often these days (even though it's a sub game). I found a fantastically fun group of Brits (and a random Yank here and there) to play with on Monday Afternoons (2pm start time Central). Of course, you and whomever you choose to bring along are always welcome to join on the EU server (Karak-Azgal). My in-game name is Svven.

    Anyway, I'm having a great time catching up with your blog and I gotta get back to reading! :)


  2. Gus! Been a long time! Glad to hear you're still out and about having fun in the world, both real and online. :)