November 26, 2010

Andaphelmor 1: Evil Empire 0

This, my friends, is Andaphelmor! He is the final boss in Hall of Survivors. Last night was the first time I reached this room and attempted to beat his butt. It did not go well.  :)

The fight is a bit complicated. My guildies tried very hard to work out what we were supposed to do to succeed, however, we just couldn't seem to DO it.
The first stage we were supposed to aggro a colored mob and drag him back to the colored doorway to kill him. Simple, right? Not so much.
First of all, the colored mobs died WAY too easily, which is not something I would normally complain about! But if you killed them outside of their respective doorway, it caused bad things to happen, like dirt naps for the whole party.

I did manage to get a few of the colored mobs killed in the right spot and you could tell when you'd succeeded cuz a colored portal type thingy would open up. But in the meantime, guildies were dying left, right and center, so in the end we all wiped.

After a couple tries at this, we bailed to lick our wounds and ponder our lessons and perhaps try again another day.
I don't even wanna think about trying to do stage two, more color matching, or stage three, which as far as I know involve balls, and therefore a lot of distracting silly comments in Vent.  (I love my perverted guild.)

A quick Google brought up these links for Andaphelmor Strat: Vid by Daphat79 and Strats for All Hos by Paladin Guild.

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