November 19, 2010

Look Up!

I used to get in trouble from my ex-boyfriend for having the attention span of a fruit fly. In fact, he used to tease me because I didn't have the patience to watch a red light turn green. Halfway through the red light, I'd be starting off at whatever, and end up getting honked at by other drivers to move my ass when the light changed!
It's quite obvious that I am still easily distracted...but it certainly makes for some interesting screenshots, doesn't it? In this case, I took a few moments -- not while in combat! -- to look UP.
Do you know where these places are? (For the answers, mouse over the pic.)


  1. That looks awesome. I guess we all need to take a little detour and 'smell the roses' sometimes. :)

  2. LOL, im the same guy from the pic of the Yash Room, once again, i took a pic of the snakes, and the eyeballs 30mins ago. Never seen the last 2 tho. Is the last one ZS last room ?