November 1, 2010

Double XP Weekend

It seems obvious to me that they always put double XP on holiday weekends to entice people to play more RoM and ignore their families and RL events, but as Halloween is my favorite holiday, I spent most of this weekend out doing fun, spooky, silly things in RL and not gaining double XP. (My pregnant sister and I went to a Halloween party dressed as Mary & Joseph. Ha ha! And no, I will NOT post pix.)

I still managed to squeeze in some late night gaming on Vixyn though and leveled her from 30/30 to 34/32. Mostly just did regular quests to level, but my friend Furlough and I tried to do BG for kicks. I was a typical headstrong female and raced at the True Count with my crazy eyes on, and therefore got out of Furlough's healing range and died rather spectacularly. Whoops. So out comes Spiral, fireballs blazing, and takes him out in a few hits, thus revenging her little sister's death. Take that, ya big smelly bat!

Of course there was the usual crap over the weekend with everyone getting kicked from their guilds and not being able to enter their houses or get mail or use the AH, blah blah blah. A lot of world chats flying back and forth about how lame Runewaker/Frogster is but I honestly don't expect much more. Sure, it ticks me off when things mess up, but this is a free game after all. It's kinda like buying a computer from the back of some guy's van in the Wal-Mart parking lot, then complaining that it doesn't come with Windows, a DVD drive, USB ports, and is missing the letters K and R on the keyboard.. Can't expect too much from cheap stuff. That's why it's cheap, friends.


  1. No, they shouldn't get that big a pass... they're not free, they're pushing a lot of cash shop stuff. (Which I don't object to in principle, actually. They would have gotten money from me if my credit card hadn't failed to come through, and then they wrongfully/mistakenly banned me for it... which they finally, eventually admitted and reinstated my account.)

    Nobody can guarantee getting the servers back up quickly (or even on time) after a big patch, sure. Sometimes servers aren't stable and have to come down for hotfixes, ok. Everybody can get a pass on stuff like that. The kinds of issues RoM routinely seems to have are, IMO, way beyond that. I don't know of anybody else who (frankly) manages to punt on quality that badly.

    Maybe I'm just playing the wrong (or right) games to see (or not) worse patch tragedies...

  2. You know what, you're probably right. Perhaps I've just given up on complaining about RoM. I've been playing for so long, I've just resigned myself to the fact that the game sucks in that way.
    Kinda like accepting the fact that, no matter how much you love him, your husband is never going to stop scratching himself in public. :)

  3. Unfortunately, if players just accept poor quality, why should Runewalker ever try to improve?

    Some wives seem to accept the fact that no matter how much they love him, their husband isn't going to stop getting drunk and beating them.

    Now, one example (scratching) is something fairly trivial, and the other (beating) is definitely not. One can be tolerated, the other shouldn't be. The question is, which end of the spectrum are the game problems closer to?

    Personally, I decided they were too far towards the unacceptable end -- the fact I got abused by Frogster (figuratively) probably inclines me to view them in a negative light, I'll admit. Last straw was the creature who looked just like everything else around him... but was an elite. Not cool when the game doesn't even display actual health numbers, just percentages.

    There is good stuff in the game, I just got fed up with the bad. Maybe they'll improve things, one can hope. If I had no interest in the game at all, I wouldn't be reading your blog about it still, right?

  4. This game really isn't free, a lot people pay for diamonds with RL money and the ones who don't have to spend hours and hours of RL time mindlessly grinding to make enough in game money to buy anything halfway decent.

    Sorry but I hate when people use the excuse that's it's f2p to justify the issues that it has, the game has great potential but it is very buggy and very broken. I left RoM and went back to GW and the difference is like night and day, I almost feel sick to my stomach when I login to RoM now.

  5. Good points, everyone. There is no excuse for releasing a product that is so defective.
    I really enjoy the RoM gameplay, and after my "slutty" days playing other games, I can say that I haven't found anything else I like better.
    Still, I would really like to find a better game! The crashes and bugs and other irritating things in RoM definitely cause me stress.
    But then what would I blog about? :)